New Laws – Sexual Crimes
“Therapy” animals in court for child witness and victims participate in police report…

New Laws – Continued
The place of work and the motor vehicle of the victim now have protection in injunctions…

New Laws – Reporting Child Abuse and Relocation Assistance
Florida colleges now subject to new penalties if they fail to report child abuse and relocation money for sexual assault victims…

New Laws – Reporting Child Abuse
Florida’s legislature finally reinstates child abuse reporting…

New Laws on Stalking
New protections for stalking victims…

The Power to Stop Bullying
Florida court provides analysis that many “bullying” crimes could be prosecuted as “stalking”…

We Are . . . Penn State
Florida abandoned its efforts to report all child abuse when an important law was quietly dismantled.

TV Sting
What happened when the NBC “To Catch A Predator” cases found their way to the Florida Courts

New Florida Laws – Sexting . . .
Florida has a new criminal law that punishes kids for sending explicit photos electronically.

Can You Kidnap Your Own Child?
An unusual Florida case answers the question whether a parent can be convicted of taking their own child.

Facebook and My Space
A recent Florida court case makes it clear that what you put on a personal website may end up in court.

Homicide Capital
Unfortunately, Jacksonville has a longstanding history of mayhem and murder.

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