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Victim Compensation Benefits
July 1, 2010

NOTE: Victim Compensation benefits may be reduced without prior notice to the
award recipient or service provider based on availability of funding.

Total victim compensation benefits cannot exceed the maximum award amount of $15,000 per claim, exceptions are as follows: $30,000 for catastrophic injury, $25,000 for loss of support.

Economic LossUp to
Wage Loss (one year from crime date up to 66% of the salary not to exceed WC max)$15,000
Parent Wage loss (one year from crime date up to 66% of the salary not to exceed WC max)$15,000
Loss of Support$25,000
Catastrophic Disability$30,000
Medical/Dental Treatment Expenses ***Up to
Expenses are payable for services provided within one year after the date of the crime. Requests for payment of treatment received beyond one year from the date of the crime must be approved by the Bureau Chief. To obtain a waiver beyond the one year, the victim must submit documentation from a physician explaining the medical necessity of the treatment and why the treatment could not be provided within one year of the crime date.$7,500
Mental Health Counseling ***Up to
Injured Minors$7,500
Adult and Minor victims for impatient crisis stabilization not to exceed 7 days$7,500
Injured Adult victims$2,500
Minor Witness Victims$2,500
Adult or Minor victims of a forcible felony (non injury)$2,500
Grief counseling for surviving minor child, minor step-child, minor sibling, minor step-sibling or other minor dependent (combined total benefit cannot exceed $7,500 payout)$7,500
Grief counseling for surviving spouse, parents, step-parents, adult child, adult stepchild, adult siblings, adult step-siblings or adult dependent, (combined total payout cannot exceed $7,500 payout)$2,500
Funeral/BurialUp to
Funeral/burial expenses$5,000
Related funeral expenses$0
Property Loss$500
Domestic Violence Relocation (one time payment)$1,500
Sexual Battery forensic examinations (separate program and application)$500
*** Provider payments are authorized at 50 percent, however, payments may be reduced based on availability of funding and cannot exceed cap limits. ***

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