Here you can find articles written by Jay on recent topics concerning drunk driving, sexual crimes, child abuse victims and new laws that will impact our community’s response to crime and violence.

Alcohol Related Crimes

Voluntary Intoxication

Crime Victims Rights

The Constitutional Amendment for Victims of Crime

The Rights of Crime Victims: Consultation by the State Attorney

Federal Rights for Crime Victims

The Crime Victim and Plea Bargains

Standing for Crime Victims

Victim’s Constitutional Rights – Enforced by the Courts

The Privacy of the Crime Victim

The Sexual Assault Counselor – Victim Privilege

The Psychological Records of the Crime Victim

Communications with the Clergy 

Kids In Court

Kids in Court

Protecting Children in Court

The Court’s Power to Protect Children

Special Protection for Special Victims – The Appointment of a Guardian Ad Litem 

Crimes Against Children

Court Recognizes Realities of Child Abuse

Luring a Child

Child Abuse or Parental Discipline?

Providing Alcohol to Minors

Sex Offender – “No Contact with Children”

Pornography and the Internet

Accommodating Evil

Crime on the Internet

Background Checks for City Workers and Volunteers

Internet Harm to Children

Child Abuse – Dealing with False Reports

When is Corporal Punishment a Crime?

Slow Justice for Children 

Kids in School

Stalking At School

Harassment at School -Part I

Harassment at School -Part II

Harassment at School -Part III

Harassment at School -Part IV

Harassment at School -Part V

Offenders and Victims – In School Together? 

Crime Victim in Court

Crime Victims in the Courtroom

Creative Sentencing

Evidence of Other Crimes

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